About Us

Wixoffers was founded on 18th November 2017 with a goal of helping those people who love Technology and Food. We fetch our offers from the internet and also we send our employees to stores, restaurants and where not? With our team of experts we review the offers and present the best of them in front of you so that you can relax at home and enjoy the offers.

Our bloggers have the best minds. Technology and Food blogs are personally hand written to help you out one way or another. We have reviews on many Technology and Food related products so that you don’t hesitate before purchasing anything that we suggest. And also unlike other websites we don’t provide fake reviews to earn some extra bucks. To us customer satisfaction matters the most.


What’s our goal?

At Wixoffers we go beyond of just discounts, coupons and offers.

Our main goal is to best serve our customers. We’re working to make this place your best money saving destination. Our wide range of offers, articles and reviews will surely make you, our customer satisfied. 

You need anything related to Technology and Food, you come to us. It’s our responsibility to get you what you want in the cheapest price possible while maintaining good quality.

What offers do we provide?

Wixoffers provides wide range of offers and discounts on Technology related products such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, mobile and computer accessories, home appliances, electrical instruments and we also provide a wide range of offers and discount on FOODS! So, you can get you favorite food at a discounted rate.  

No matter where you live we’ll always have something for you as we’re expanding our network worldwide through our team of experts.

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